Born in Habana, Cuba, Jorge DANS has since childhood devoted his time to learning and practicing Art. Settled in Switzerland for many years Jorge is a visual arts professional as a visual artist, draughtsman, creator, for artistic and cultural projects. He draws his inspiration from his Cuban roots, from the colors of his culture, music and Caribbean social life.

Jorge works passionately with animal art, he immortalizes the moment, the look and the intentions through the colors of his pencils and brushes. His works seem to tell us that animals, in addition to their beauty, are beings endowed with emotions, energy and humor.

Today Jorge has devoted himself entirely to artistic creation and to sharing his energy and spiritual capacities as a certified therapist. The perfect balance and fulfillment between caring, empathy and creation.



2015          Exposition Individuelle "Old Memories", Château d'Aubonne, Vaud - Suisse

2012          Exposition Individuelle Galerie Arte Cubano, Zurich - Suisse

2011           Exposition Collective Manoir de Begnins, Vaud – Suisse

2010          Exposition Collective Arts au Château Kiwanis International, Aubonne – Suisse

2009           Exposition Collective Galerie L’Horloge, Genève – Suisse

2007           Exposition Collective Espace des Ruines, Genève – Suisse

2006           Exposition Individuelle Galerie Salle des pas perdus WTO-OMC Genève – Suisse

2005          Exposition Collective Galerie Maison des Arts Les Pins, Cologny Genève – Suisse

2005          Exposition Collective Galerie Forum de Meyrin, Genève – Suisse

2004          Exposition Individuelle et Performance Art Sens – Art Comunity / Le Garage, Genève – Suisse

2004          Exposition Individuelle Galerie Lancy, Genève – Suisse

2003          Exposition Individuelle Galerie La Ferme d’Asile, Sion – Suisse

2001          Exposition Individuelle Galerie d’Art Contemporain Colette Pelat / Cartier de Bains, Genève – Suisse

2001          Exposition Individuelle Galerie Fréquence Laser, Genève – Suisse

1990          Exposition Collective Galerie du Parque Lenin, La Havanne – Cuba

1989          Exposition Collective Jeunes artistes cubains Institut de Dessin, Dresden – Allemagne

1989          Exposition Collective / Prix Concours National Artistique

                   Thème, La Contamination Ambiental, Academie de Sciences, La Havanne – Cuba